Cartoon Colin

FAM, Leganés

South If anyone was wondering, if I were a South Park character, I might look a little something like this. Really, there is nothing more to say than that. You can make your own South Park mien in the South Park studio. I learned about this little gem from Pablo’s similar South Park post.

More importantly however, I met with my supervisor today who managed to give me some direction for my project. And that direction is: WSDL. Pronounced whiz-dil, it is something that we had talked about before (not to mention had several classes on), but I seemed to have a real penchant for avoiding it. But given some context and some ideas that aren’t too far removed from my own, I was swayed to giving it some consideration. And at the end of the day, I just want to yank this Band-aid® off as fast as possible. So now a have a page of rough notes that I want to get sorted out into an outline, but instead I’m going to Belgium tomorrow.

Considering I took reservations for a summer job before, I really should have known better, but I learned the hard way that one shouldn’t attempt to book a hotel room the day before your stay. Why didn’t I book it when I bought my flight? Why didn’t I book it in the two weeks before that in which I knew about it? Those are questions which I cannot answer. After dealing with every manner of online booking tools (which in general kind of suck) I was faced with the realization that there aren’t any hotel rooms in Brussels for the next couple of nights. Oh damn. So, I start with the hostels in my list. Even the first two of them were full. Finally on my last option I found a bed. Total cost for the two nights combined? 37€

Moral of the story: maybe I can incorporate hotel booking web services into my project. And maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy. I guess I’m not used to booking hotels – I usually have accommodation taken care of, be it a residence or mooching off of friends and relatives. In any case, I leave tomorrow, I’m not bringing my laptop, so don’t expect any replies to emails or instant messages.

And although it is over here in continental Europe, I still have a couple minutes to wish Pablo (and Liz) a happy birthday in the UK. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!