Canon Digital Rebel XT

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new Digital SLR camera. By no means am I am expert photographer, but I certainly plan on learning a lot more about it. Right now I am just learning the ropes with this thing. I have been reading a lot of photography magazines and I think that I made a good choice with the Digital Rebel XT (pictured below)

Canon Digital Rebel XT

As with any new digital camera, one really needs to sit down and play with it before deciding if it really fits. So far I am loving the speed and power that this camera possess along with the simple and easy to use interface. Granted, I am fairly comfortable with most technology, a easy to use interface still goes a long way with me. Oh yea… and the 8 megapixels don’t hurt either.

I will be taking this camera with me on my trip to Ontario next week to really get a chance to see what it can do. I will have a link up shortly to the photo gallery of that trip. If I am satisfied with the camera, I will obviously be taking it with me to Europe when I go. Expect many more cool photos in the future as I explore the creativity of photography.

One of the shots I got off this morning was of our cat. In this picture he looks a bit sleepy, but that is because I barged in when he was just waking up and snapped the photo. I’m sure if he were a human, I would have gotten a small beating for that. :) [Note: The photo above was obviously not taken with my new camera. That was taken with my old Toshiba.]

Our cat Spessle