Boo-urns to Rogers

Damnit!! I have been on the phone for the past hour and a half trying to get some sort of help with my stupid cellphone and so far nothing. After a successful first week, I thought that it would be fine with my new phone and that I wouldn’t return it after all. However after charging it yesterday, I used it twice last evening only to find out that this morning it was dead. So I brought it into work and tried to charge it… but that wasn’t working either. The phone wouldn’t respond. When I tried to show mike the problem this afternoon, wouldn’t you know it… it started charging. So I charged it up and then after work decided to walk down to the Rogers store (again - I was there yesterday) and see if they could take it back.

Nope. Apparently because I used the phone for more than 30 minutes, I was dead to them. In all fairness, I don’t blame Kelly, she has been helpful in the past. She told me to try calling Customer Care again. So I did - and I waited my turn and eventually I got to talk to another representative who told me what Kelly told me. I used more than the 30 minutes and so there was nothing that I could do through Rogers. Well… all this time I’m cursing the 30 minutes under my breath and realizing that it is a gimmick because they know that the phone will likely crap out after you have used it for like an hour - or in my case almost 2 hours. So the guy gave me the number for Samsung and sent me on my way.

So I called Samsung not really believing that they would be able to do anything. About that I was right, but I certainly enjoyed the call more. I spoke with Christy and she was really nice and managed to at least deliver bad news in a way that didn’t evoke the desire to jam the phone receiver through her eye. She also mentions that of all the carriers in North America, Rogers is the only one with that stupid 30 minute rule. She told me to bring it in and get a technician to check the battery and phone and they might need to repair it… but the phone is only a week old!!! But of course that means I am stuck with this phone which I’m not going to be able to trust, that I bought under misleading pretenses on the Rogers website and that was way more expensive than it is worth. When really I would like either a Nokia 3100 or possibly a Sony Ericsson T616. I even said that if I could trade I’d take the even more expensive T616 if that would make any different.

So all told I’m pretty pissed. Is this how they treat customers of 2+ years? So spread the word… whichever word that you want. I’m going to try and make some calls a little higher up if I can, but I don’t know if that will help. Grr.

Written by Colin Bate