Bad Boys II

This is a belated review, but I’m a busy man so sue me. I saw Bad Boys II the other day - Friday night to be exact - in the theatre no less. First off I’m going to say that this movie is like 2.5 hours long. This seems to be a trend in movies lately, which is maybe why it cost more to go to the movies now than ever before. But that is off topic. To get to the point, I really liked Bad Boys II. I liked it better than the original, which is unusual for me. There are more explosions and deaths than you can keep track of, the language is very coarse and there is a level of gratuitous violence and gore than I haven’t seen in a movie for a while. This is an R-rated movie folks. But it’s a good one in my opinion. Yes it is a relatively mindless action movie, but it made me do something that few if any movies I’ve seen in the theatre have done before - it made me laugh out loud, almost to tears, more than once. Sure they when a bit overboard on some of the thematic elements, but hey what can I say, I liked that.

My synopsis: I think that anyone who like a good bloodbath movie and can handle the “language” should definitely watch this. Go see it in theatres - you only live once.

Written by Colin Bate