Back to the UK

FAM, Leganés

Well Daniel and I finally booked our tickets back to the UK where we are going to be spending the summer. In fact, Daniel is just finishing his booking online as I write this. Of course, instead of going from Madrid, we are taking cue from the same cheap Ryanair flight that I took a couple weeks ago and we are flying out of Valladolid. We are leaving sunny Spain on the 14th of July and will be shacking up in Reading, UK for roughly 2.5 months. Of course, during that time we plan to do some traveling and so we likely won’t be there the whole time, but that will be our home base. Actually, my home base is going to be here in Spain, since I will be returning to do my project in the fall, and I will likely be leaving some of my stuff here so that I don’t go over my weight allowance of 20 kg on my checked luggage. I’m only bringing one of my bags to the UK, so I hope I can get all that I need with me.

We just found out that the residence actually has an industrial use scale on the bottom floor. I’m not sure what its original purpose was intended to be, but it will allow us to weigh our bags here before we leave so I can know just how much I should leave behind. Of course, before we leave, I will need to say good-bye to those friends who are leaving before me. Q and Pablo are leaving the night of the 7th or early on the 8th, and Nenad is taking off on the 12th. It is going to be weird not seeing these guys for a while after living in such close contact for so long. But those things happen and life goes on. But it isn’t time to say good-bye quite yet, we still have two exams left and they should at least get a bit of my attention. :)