Back in Europe

West Hampstead, London

I have landed after a safe and uneventful flight from Halifax. I also would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years for 2006. Originally the airline planned to have wine and apple juice to celebrate the new year in the air on Halifax time, but because of a medical problem with one of the passengers, our take off from St. John’s (where we stopped briefly) was delayed. This meant we were barely in the air when a flight attendant came on and said the new year will be here in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Years. And then everyone clapped and shook hands.

Then a few minutes later they passed out the wine and apple juice. Fortuntely the plane wasn’t full and one of the flight attendants pointed out a better seat for me, which I’m grateful for, because as nice as the guy beside me was, it was a bit cramped and so I moved to a seat with no one beside me which allowed for a bit more leg stretching. All said and done, a very nice flight.

So if any of my friends from Reading are reading this, I can be reached at my usual number.