Athens 2006

Bits and Bytes, Thessaloniki, Greece

It may not be as epic as the Olympics, but in my mind a lot more fun. I am back safe and sound from my voyage to Athens with some of my classmates. I have over 600 photos and several videos to prove it, but for a detailed journey… of my journey, you can visit my Athens Trip feature page. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more means to upload some more of my photos, but there are over 20 included in my 5 page essay about the trip, so they will have to tide you over. The essay has no capacity for comments, so you can leave comments attached to this entry.

Another note for those international (North American) readers, Europe switched to summer time this past weekend, so I am now at GMT+0300, which means for the week until North America switches to Daylight Savings Time, I am an extra hour ahead.

Written by Colin Bate