And what a year

Well… it has now been a full year since sonar! came online last March 5. I must say that sonar made it a few extra months longer than my last message.board. As everyone knows, sonar hasn’t been stagnent for this past year either. There was a lot of growth and development over that time. What impresses me even more is the fact that I have been able to stay with a relatively consistent design for more than a year. I did redo the layout of the front page once or twice and I added and removed sections of the overall site, but for the most part, this is the same design that I adopted last spring break.

I know that I have been promising a new and improved echo system for a while, but when it comes down to it, I am just pretty lazy. I hardly have the discipline to work on the jobs that I am being paid to do. But I am passionate about echo and I will work on it and have something tangible to show for it at some point down the road. This whole software design and engineering business isn’t the easiest thing to just casually take on. There is some planning that needs to be done in order to get this right. I don’t want to create a system that only I know how to use. I want to create a system that (almost) anyone can use. I want my 10 year old brother to be able to set this up without too much hassle. Obviously the caveat being that you will need to have a place to host this beast. :) One possible solution to that is to create a bigger online community that allows you to start your own weblog(s) and other pages - similar to LiveJournal and Blogger. Anyway… I digress… Have a good day.

Written by Colin Bate