Always Fresh

I have been proven once again today that if you want a Subway sandwich in this city you must visit the one on the corner of Quinpool and Kline streets. This is by far the best one in the city. I was at one on Robie down by Young earlier today (time was a factor and it was enroute). I walk in the store, everything appears fine at first. Then my sandwich artist asks me what I want. “Footlong melt on parmesan oregano” - my usual fair. But instead of a friendly sandwich experience, to which I am accustomed I was greeted with depression. My “sandwich artist” if you could call him that at this point clearly didn’t care about my sandwich at all. There was no TLC in making sure that I only had the best vegetables and my sauce was laid down in haste without caring whether I was satisfied. I could have been very anal about it and told him to make it better, but it looked like this guy was just search for the razor blades as it was. Besides, I’m not a cruel person, I like to give everyone their fair chance at redemption. So I ate the sub and apart from some very awful unripe tomato and an unfamiliar meat placement scheme I wasn’t altogether disappointed. I’m not going back there, but at the same time I feel no need to return to the scene of the crime and humiliate the “artist” in front of his peers. Like I said, it just isn’t worth my time. So remember kids, stay in school.

Written by Colin Bate