A world of difference

I’m sure you all heard me bitch about the temperature of my apartment in the past few weeks. It got to the point where I was using my stove to heat the apartment while I was here. And that was working OK, except then I would go to bed and wake up freezing cold again. And the heating was working OK, it was just so cold out and my window sucked so much that the equilibrium point would often drop to 62°F which is about 17°C - which may not sound that cold, but trust me… when you wake up to that… you feel it. It was like camping in October… sure I’ll do it for a weekend, but at the end of the day I would like to have the option to be warm again.

That was before today. I took the initiative and contacted my facilities manager (which is skipping a couple of steps in the chain of command) and he agreed to send someone to try to seal up the windows. That was yesterday - and there was no one that came to do that. But true to his word, when I arrived home from work today… there was a note on my door - “Don’t open the windows it will break the seal.” Oh good, someone was here to fix my windows. And they were - and now my apartment smells like a paint shop. It is giving me a headache as I sit here, but I felt the windows and there is no cold draft coming from them like there was before. So I guess the adage is true, no pain no gain - but at least I’ll be warm.

Written by Colin Bate