A weekend about town

Vancouver, BC

It was a lot of walking. It was good for me, but it was still quite a tiring experience, one that I have no regrets about. It started on Friday, Good Friday, and I thought it would be cool to visit the Vancouver Aquarium for the afternoon. I really like aquariums, as they allow us to not only see creatures that we can’t readily see in the wild, but we can witness the awe of a completely foreign environment. Short on the heels of the Bermuda Aquarium, I knew the one in Vancouver would be significantly more impressive.

And I was impressed – with the length of the queue. After bussing into downtown and meeting up with my friend Jordan, we walked over to Stanley park. For a couple of supposedly clever guys, we weren’t clever enough to predict the vast number of people who were trying to get in, that the last day of the kids’ spring break and a holiday as well. So we went, we saw and we kept right on walking. We walked up to the sea wall on the other side of the running track. We then strolled along the scenic walk to the lighthouse and beyond, back to the entrance to the park. Continuing along the waterfront we walked into the downtown core, towards Canada Place and then cut up back to Jordan’s place.

After a brief rest for our feet, we headed out to Science World to meet some friends of Jordan’s for a couple of shows at the Omnimax. It was a nice walk, past the GM Place, where a Canucks game was obviously starting, out to the end of False Creek. Since Science World was closed at that point, only open to patrons of the Omnimax, Jordan and I had a chance to play with all of the toys and puzzles which are available on the first floor. There were two movies, one about Egyptian Mummies, and the other about the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

Saturday was another day with a fair bit of walking. Jordan and I met up with another coworker to head over to North Vancouver on the Seabus, just to check it out. North Vancouver is quite a hilly place, being at the foot of a mountain, and we climbed the streets up to Keith Street. We then wound back down to the waterfront and eventually headed back downtown. Seabus, Skytrain and then back on foot down Granville to El Furniture Warehouse. We stopped in for drinks and at that point we were joined by yet another coworker. After a bit we all headed back to our places, with me retreating to Jordan’s place as I don’t live downtown. In the end, no one was able to meet up again, so we ended up just hanging out for a bit before I headed back.

Sunday didn’t have much walking. It did, however, have a great Easter meal prepared by my aunt. It was a gathering of relatives and a few friends as well. There was some dissidence about the lack of mashed potatoes, but I thought it was absolutely great. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter weekend.