A week of two brothers

Hamilton, Bermuda

It was a hot, tiring week, but like all good things, it too had to come to an end. The week in question was this past week when two of my brothers, Adam and Peter, joined me in Bermuda for some fun in the sun.

The trip which was planned as a way to make sure all of my family has had a chance to visit this small island which I now call home. It also doubled as a graduation present for Adam who will be walking across the stage to receive his degree in a couple of weeks. They grow up so fast. I’m still coping with the thought of living a “real” life myself. Although sometimes living in Bermuda can make it feel a little fantastic.

As for the week, I rented scooters for my brothers and we cruised around the island playing the role of tourist. Beaches, forts, lighthouses and various other sites and activities were mingled amongst naps, BBQs, and evenings relaxing at home. It was low key, but at the same time high energy, at least if you consider heat to be energy. :)

There are photos and video of the week, and I’m hoping to have had a chance to go through them before too long, while it is still fresh, and share some of the memories with others.

UPDATE: I made a video of the week: Bate Boys Bermuda Bash

Written by Colin Bate