A step in the right direction.

Last night while watching bits and pieces of the news, it became clear that the state of Massachusetts was going to allow gay marriages as of today. In Cambridge, people were lined up waiting for midnight - but in most other cities including Boston, registration won’t begin until the city offices open this morning.

Obviously there were protestors on site as well, but that is to be expected because ignorance runs rampant everywhere. I however feel it is a great step forward for not only the gay couples who can now share in the bonds of marriage, but for the social health of the United States in general. When Bush went on record basically saying that gays would not be allowed to marry, a lot of people started to feel that things could move into a white-supremacist, Hilter-esque stage pretty quickly in the US. I guess that is something to worry about when you have a president from Texas. Hopefully, with a politically charged state like Massachusetts allowing gay marriages, the winds of change are finally turning in the right direction.

Written by Colin Bate