A sad state of affairs

Indeed. To steal mike’s line.

Wow… this is quite the monumental occasion. Maybe it should be marked with some sort of… something… but then again - I am obviously in a lazy mood and it is raining incredibly hard out… so probably not.

The funny thing is that I actually had stuff to write about - like the one month anniversary of my laptop (on March 24), the coolness of RDC and VNC, and the fact that Chris was “supposed” to visit this weekend but illness prevented that. Of course… it turned out to be a fairly extremely boring weekend. And you would think that with that boredom I might have gotten somethings done, but it was also extremely unproductive weekend and I feel pretty terrible about it.

And now my camera is acting up - it won’t connect to my computer here at work… grrr… I even have a nice picture of the bunny to show you all… I guess I’ll try my computer at home later.

Written by Colin Bate