A little something different

Arrianou, Thessaloniki

Today was a bit of a departure from my usual routine of wake up, school, eat, lab, eat, sleep. The day started off fairly normally, I shaved, packed a sandwich into my bag and went to school for my 10:00 lecture. At noon, we moved to the central computer room for a practical lab exercise. We had to use a demo database provided for us in MS SQL Server and essentially write some queries to find certain information. So I could have used one of the PCs available in the lab and connect like most of the others, instead I was feeling particularly petulant and decided to see what I could do on my laptop. Long story short – I did the lab exercise without even opening the database.

After that was over, I called Ion and headed to his place for “coffee”, which turned out to be a thinly veiled excuse to get some PHP help. ;) I did get some cookies and orange juice though, so I went away satisfied. Then I got on the bus (#8) and headed to IKEA. Since IKEA left Nova Scotia before I can remember, I hadn’t actually been in one before – the closest I came was reading their catalogue on a couple of occasions. It is a pretty big IKEA in Thessaloniki too and I found a number of the items I was looking for: pillow, floor mats, blanket, and a bed cushion to put under my fitted sheet because, why not? I overestimated the width of my bed, but everything seems to work out fine anyway. I also bought a nice little desk lamp for 3.95€. I’m attaching a photo of my new colour scheme. :)

Insert at this point a couple of hours of getting back home, then going to the lab for a bit and it was time for my authentic greek meal experience with Ion. Originally a couple of the Guatemalans were supposed to join us, but the timing just didn’t work. Regardless, we went to a ταβερνα and it was a fine meal with plenty of meat, potato and cheese. The dessert was also quite tasty and the whole experience was very enjoyable. I must admit that I was really glad that Ion was there because I have no idea what was said during any of the transaction with the proprietors of the ταβερνα and while most people do speak some English, the conversations are often more awkward. Just like this one.