A Link to the Future

Well. It seems that I am now officially on some path for my future. I am going to be working on a project with Dalhousie and Symantec — and I believe that IBM is involved as well. This project will be a job essentially until such a point as I start my masters and then it will become part of my research for my degree. It all happened quite fast and I’m still not sure what is going on exactly, but I start next week and therefore will be moving back to Halifax for a bit. There is talk about me going out to Calgary for a bit, but again, I really don’t know anything for certain at this point.

And while I was really skeptical about the whole masters thing, it will provide me with a better opportunity once I finish. And as several people have told me it is a lot easier to do it now than to go back later. :)

Written by Colin Bate