A couple great movies

I’ve had the opportunity to see a couple great movies in the past few days.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: This movie is a must see for anyone who likes random nonesense comedy à la Spaceghost and Aqua Teen. Will Ferrell lays out another classic performance that will have you laughing out loud. And if he doesn’t do it, then I can almost guarentee that Steve Carell will in his role as Brick Tamland - so random yet so perfect. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say you will be quoting this one for quite a while.

I, Robot: A total departure from Anchorman this movie is an action packed, special effects orgy. A very well played Matrix-esque story line based off of Isaac Asimov’s books. There were even some parts where I was laughing out loud - but maybe that was just me, I do like Will Smith. Apparently they doctored the script a bit when Will signed on and you can tell that it was written for his style. However, I found that I was pleasently surprised with how good the movie actually was. A real sit back and enjoy type of movie.

Written by Colin Bate