A Bunch of Rowy goodness

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. A real random assortment today, but I will note that the Jamstack Conference was last week so there are some videos from that floating around. An interesting one from Rich Harris (the creator of Svelte, Rollup, etc) about transitional apps is worth watching if you create web apps.

Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web? | Transitional Apps with Rich Harris, NYTimes
Rowy logo or screenshot


Build on the Google Cloud Platform in minutes. Manage Firestore data in a spreadsheet-like UI, write Cloud Functions effortlessly in the browser, and connect to third-party apps. Rowy is open source! Not sure how to describe these types of tools, low code platforms? Whatever you want to call it, the goal as I see it is to make your development experience as smooth as possible. Great to get a concept off the ground easily, and depending on your goal, probably all you need.

Bunch logo or screenshot


Your new favorite way to automate macOS. Bunch uses plain text files to launch applications, perform system tasks, run scripts, and automate everything. This seems to me like a nicer more modern version of AppleScript. I don’t normally like to point to things that are system specific, but if you have a Mac and want to up your automation game, this looks like a powerful option.

kill-port logo or screenshot


Kill the process running on given port. Granted this isn’t something that you need everyday, or at least I don’t, but it is something that I occasionally want to do. So having a tool to take the leg work out of it make sense. You can always just use it via npx if you need it.

Written by Colin Bate