A bit less duck tongue

Vancouver, BC

In case you were wondering how much duck tongue is in fact too much, the answer is any. Today I had lunch with a number of my colleagues at the Fortune Restaurant just downstairs in the mall connected to my office tower. It is actually a seafood restaurant, or claims to be on their sign, but in fact have many dishes which are not seafood. Really, perhaps the best name for it would be a Dim Sum restaurant. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I can’t eat seafood. And while I really enjoy Chinese food, I am not a fan of Dim Sum. Lunch today was a bit of an experience for everyone involved. The problem with mixing vegetarians and people who may or may not eat seafood is that unless you are experienced with what you are ordering there can be much confusion. We were not experienced.

And as it turned out sometimes you don’t always get what you ordered. We definitely ordered a couple portions of spring rolls which didn’t show up at any point. And there was one dish which no one recognized when it showed up. It looked like some kind of meat, but no one could place it. Well after a few rounds, we determined that it was duck tongue. And for some reason we had ordered two portions of it. It didn’t taste too bad, it was in some nice sauce, but it had some hard cartilage like piece in the middle. That made it quite awkward to eat and required a bit of oral dexterity to separate the tongue meat from the cartilage. I can’t believe I actually just said tongue meat.

Not a bad meal in all, I ended up going away fair well sated, but I guess I could have done with a bit less duck tongue.

Written by Colin Bate