$7000 Sperm

For those of you who haven’t heard, there is a clinic in Australia that is offering Calgary men the opportunity for a free trip to Australia, two weeks accommodation and a daily allowance in exchange for sperm. This advertisement has elicited a lot of response from around the world. And why not? The package is apparently worth $7000 and they require you to donate every second day that you are there. So that is about 7 times which would be about $1000 a pop. What guy in his right mind would pass up an opportunity like that?

But there is a catch - other than the fact that this is only open to people who can attend the two councilling sessions in Calgary and pass the blood and semen test.

A new law in Australia will require that children born using donated sperm be allowed to know who their biological father is when they come of age. This is the biggest deterrent for the Australian public. However, donors have no legal resposibility or obligation over children born of their seed. Personally, I don’t think I’d have too much of a problem if around my 40th birthday I had a dozen or so Aussie kids look me up and start calling me Dad. That being said, I might feel differently then. Clearly a decision about this must not be made lightly.

Most of the factual information above has been regurgitated from various news sites. Meh.

Written by Colin Bate