Well. This was a day for the books - or the website in this case. After getting 6 hours of sleep last night I wake up to embark on a day of shopping and adventure in Halifax with my brother. The catch, we have to drop off my youngest brother and two of his basketball teammates at a camp in Truro. So the five of us set off at around 8:05am. It was raining - hardcore. We’re talking torrents of rain. Lots of water everywhere. So as we are travelling on our way over Mt. Thom the rain gets even worse to the point where, I hit a puddle and it’s all over. My wheels are off the road - shit I’m hydroplaning. So the foot comes off the gas and I hope to god that I can get a grip on the road again. Nope. Fishtailing right. Oh - one wheel hit the road - fishtailing left. Still going left. Sparks. Backwards. More sparks. Apparently my corrective steering lessons did pay off… and we are forward again and I pull it to the side of the road. No damage, no injuries. Some serious scare happening and the old heart a-racing.

So that was my bit of excitement for the day - we never did go to Halifax but the kids did make it to their camp thanks to my Dad and his car. Apparently commuting to Halifax (1.5 hour drive) everyday left my mother’s tires quite bald. Well this is one bald man that is a little bit more grateful to be alive.

Oh and until I can figure someway for my web server on my computer to get out past our router here at home, there will not be any of the old pictures available. Any new photos will be added to my borg account because my quota has recently tripled. :)

Written by Colin Bate