FAM, Leganés

This is going to be brief because I am a new kind of tired. Just to let the world know that I submitted all 124 pages of my project paper today. I’m still not out of the water yet, I have a presentation and two other documents to prepare, but I can see land. Reading those pages as a PDF on my computer was one thing, but to see what 124 pages looks like printed was pretty cool. And then to see two copies bound and covered, I’m not going to lie, it was pretty sexy.

Only one of my markers was in his office when we went around, so I left the other copy with reception. When I handed mine to the first marker he said, “Whoa, it’s thick,” to which I replied, “You don’t have to read it, just skim through.” But in fairness to the other thinner papers of my colleagues, I have close to 50 pages of source code in the document, and a fair bit more white space. Because we all know that white space is a design element, right.

Anyway… time for a nap and then back at it… only two more days… and then my head explodes.